Christof Griese (1957)
is one of the most active and enthusiasts of Berlins jazzscene.

1982 he founded his first jazz project „Opus Pocus“; one year later the „BERLINER SAXOPHON QUARTETT“ with over 10 CD-productions from rennaissance to contemporary music. Since over 28 years he is leading the „Berlin Jazz Composers Big Band JayJayBeCe" (7 CDs) and, always contemporary or even a pioneer, fused Jazz with Hip Hop and rap, already in 1993 (with his project named "Juiceful Jazz" at Jazz Units Festival Berlin). 1998 he introduced his personal and stylistical experimental "Double Bass Project",1999 saw the release of his modern fusion CD "Electric 5" with Niko Schäuble and Eric St. Laurent, followed by again bordercrossing projects "Affinities"(2002) and "Double Drums" with Tony Buck (2002). 2004 he formed the classic jazz quintet "Christof Griese-Christian Kappe Quintet" with 2 CD´s (Live at Schlot 2005 and Floating 2008), formed a very special quartet with tuba, vibraphone, saxophone and drums (Tuba-Vibes Project) and made duo CD´s with Tal Balshai at the piano (Art Of Duo - 2007) and Burkhard Jasper (Perpetuum Jazzable - 2012. The Brasil Jazz Quartet is his youngest project with CD in 2011.

In 1997 Christof Griese received honorable mentions for his composition "Polski Blues". 1998 he got the 2nd prize for his composition "Schoyblish Cues" and honorable mentions for the composition "Blink" from the Julius Hemphill Composition Award, Boston/USA.

The Berlin Jazz Composers Big Band JayJayBeCe was 1st Class Winner in 2012,Top Class Winner in 2013 and 2015 and got the second prize in 2014 at the International Big Band Competition IBBC Meerjazz Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

2010 the got the Skoda Jazz Prize and 2014 the „Förderpreis des Landes Baden Württemberg“ at the „Jugend Jazzt“ Big Band Competiton

Since 1986 Christof Griese is head of the jazz department at the Musikschule City West in Berlin, musical director of the International Jazz Workshop Berlin and has been teacher at the Jazz Institute Berlin for a long time.

Christof Griese developed teaching concepts in over 25 years of work in Berlin, Boston, Minneapolis and San Francisco. His speciallities are working with ensembles, effectiv practicing, sound, improvisation and an easy approach to theory.